Sciatica and Chiropractic Treatment

The sciatic nerve is a major nerve in the lower limb. It is a fairly flat band that is thick and about 2cm wide. It is the biggest single nerve within the body and it originates from the lower spine running down the back of both legs. The nerve controls the back, knee, and the lower leg muscles. In addition, it gives sensation to the sole of the foot, part of the lower leg, as well as back of the thigh. The sciatic nerve originates from the spinal nerves L4 through S3.


Sciatica, Sciatic neuralgia, sciatic neuritis, or Lumbar radiculopathy refers to weakness, pain, numbness, or tingling in the leg. Its cause is primarily pressure on the sciatic nerve or its injury. It is not a medical disorder on its own but rather a symptomsciatica of a different medical condition.

How It Occurs

As mentioned earlier, injury of the sciatic nerve or even pressure exerted on it can lead to sciatica. Two nerves, which comprise sciatic nerve, exist (Tibial & Peroneal nerves). The two are made of the nerve roots L4-S3. This means that if any of such levels suffers an injury then it could contribute towards dysfunction. Sciatic nerve travels between the Superior Gemellus muscles and the Piriformis muscles. Due to this connection, if the sacrum, pelvis, and lumbar spine biomechanically shift then pressure will be exerted to the sciatic nerve.

A trapped nerve in the lumbar spine can affect the sciatic nerve. Disc herniation (slipped disc) can pressure the lower lumbar nerve roots forming the sciatic nerve. Tightening of the piriformis muscle (piriformis syndrome) may irritate the sciatic nerve. Low back or buttock muscle knots (trigger points) could cause pain sensation down the leg (referral), which mimics sciatica.


The symptoms include pain of the lower part of the back, pain in the buttock as well as numbness, and weakness or pain in different parts of the leg as well as the foot. One can as well feel “needles or pins” sensation or tingling as well as trouble controlling or moving the leg. Normally, the symptoms will manifest on a single side of the body. Pain could radiate on top of the knee, however, this is not always the case.


The Chiropractic approach efficiently treats the above-described problem. Dr. James Dawes, a chiropractor at Stones River Chiropractic in Murfreesboro, TN can integrate chiropractic adjustments to address the various problems present. There are a number of types of adjustments that can be utilized to optimize the comfort of the patient and the varying degree of symptoms. Chiropractic adjustments work towards taking the pressure off the nerves thus reducing the symptom of sciatica.

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Choose Chiropractic as a Sensible Treatment Option for Back Pain

Well over 30 million Americans experience some level of lower back pain at any particular time. Lower back pain has become one of the leading causes of disability throughout the world according to the Global Burden of Disease 2010. In addition, virtually half of all American workers have indicated that they have some level of troublesome back pain symptoms on an annual basis. Also worth noting is the fact that back pain has become one of the more common reasons for workers calling in sick. Not surprisingly, the American people effectively spend over $50 billion every year on back pain related issues. Equally of concern is the fact that up to 80% of the US population will experience some level of back pain or back problems at some stage in their life.

Mechanics of the Back

It is important to note that lower back pain is frequently due to some mechanical problem or deficiency. So what actually causes back pain? Thimages-5e back is comprised of a complex collection of muscles, joints, ligaments and bones. Not surprisingly, when one part of the back is injured or damaged other segments of the back can be affected. Damaging, injuring or succumbing to disease in any part of the back can easily result in ongoing chronic back pain. While sports injuries and car accidents have been responsible for many back-related injuries, there are cases where simple twisting motions or lifting can cause painful back related problems. This along with poor posture, arthritis, obesity and even debilitating stress can result in aggravated back pain. Another factor that sometimes goes overlooked is the fact that kidney stones and kidney infections as well as other types of diseases of the internal organs can actually result in similar pain.

Alleviating Back Pain

Fortunately, chiropractors offer many effective and reliable treatments to help deal with debilitating or chronic back pain. Doctors of chiropractic have a proven track record over the decades when it comes to manipulating components of the back as a way to alleviate or completely eliminate back pain. While traditional conventional medicine often overlooks the importance of chiropractic manipulation with regard to alleviating back pain, in truth it is one of the most effective forms of treatment available today. Absent of invasive surgery and dangerous pharmaceutical drugs, chiropractic manipulation produces remarkable results for those in search of a more natural way of healing the back. This is perhaps why chiropractic manipulation therapy is now receiving widespread attention and is only growing in popularity.

Spinal Manipulation

It is not surprising that a number of federal research organizations and educational institutions now recommend that back pain sufferers seek out the assistance of more conservative care such as chiropractic. Spinal manipulation has been found to be incredibly safe and effective without the need for surgical or pharmaceutical intervention. Even The Journal of The American Medical Association has indicated that chiropractic care is an excellent option for those suffering from chronic or debilitating back pain. It also points out that surgery can often be avoided by simply considering alternative therapies. Contact Dr. James Dawes a respected chiropractor at Stones River Chiropractic in Murfreesboro TN today to learn more.

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Brian’s Story

BPatient Photorian has been a steadfast patient in our practice since his first appointment. His story is very uplifting and just another affirmation of why what we do is important, rewarding, and in some cases, life changing. Read, in Brian’s words, how Dr. James Dawes has changed his life in more ways than one:

I decided to schedule a chiropractic visit after putting up with chronic back pain, or basically chronic “body” pain for way too long. I had never visited a Chiropractor and had heard many mixed reviews of visiting such a doctor. I had put up with pain and discomfort for several years, and thought it was just part of getting older. I had visited my family doctor a couple times with no real noticeable relief. I was to the point that I would pull my lower back at least once a month, my middle back was very tight with some limited movement, my neck was tight, I had headaches quite often, my left knee ached, I had what I thought was planter fasciitis in my feet, sitting and driving had become painful for my back, and my TMJ had gotten to the point of intense pain and discomfort. Dr. Dawes came very highly recommended from a friend and coworker of mine that is a current patient. After my first visit I could already tell a difference in the way my body felt, not perfect yet, but much better and I felt hope. My middle back felt freed up, my neck felt some relief, and Dr. Dawes all but cured my jaw pain associated with my TMJ!

Dr. Dawes explained that I wasn’t necessarily in horrible alignment, but he did see several areas of my spine that needed some realignment. After two months of Dr. Dawes’ professional realignment and doing my recommended exercises as prescribed; I now have no more lower back pain, haven’t pulled my back since visiting his office, neck is much better now, middle back is very mobile, haven’t had any headaches, my knee no longer aches, my feet no longer hurt, sitting and driving are no longer painful, and my TMJ is stabilized and much more tolerable. Dr. Dawes has told me that he wants to see me as little as possible to keep my spine in proper alignment. In order to assist with this goal, he has also educated me on different exercises to keep my back strong and to help keep my back and spine healthy.

Thank you, Dr. Dawes, for helping make me feel better and making everyday tasks much easier. I will continue a lifestyle of back exercises and preventative maintenance realignment visits as necessary. I would recommend any/all of my friends and family to your office!

On behalf of Stones River Chiropractic, we want to thank Brian for his candor and support of our practice.

Adjusting a Sleepless Newborn

Photo of child chiropractic patientWhen Cole arrives at our office, the first thing that one can see are his big, bright, blue eyes and his wave of familiarity. These are the same magnificent eyes that Dr. Kimberly saw when Cole was only five days old. He was constantly crying, never sleeping over thirty minutes at a time, and his parents were at their wits end.

Amy, Cole’s mother, had received regular adjustments from Dr. Kimberly during her third trimester of pregnancy. She was very impressed by her chiropractic care, and decided that it may work for her newborn son. Marshall, Cole’s father, had been skeptical of sending his son to see Dr. Kimberly and so was asked to hold his son when he received his first adjustment. “While I adjusted Cole’s C1, he relaxed and quickly fell asleep,” says Dr. Kimberly. “I remember Marshall commenting on how he had never seen Cole sleep so hard.” Cole stayed asleep while being placed in his car seat, which, according to his parents, he had never done before.

After that first adjustment, Dr. Kimberly gave Cole’s parents her number for any questions or concerns that might arise over the weekend. She then scheduled an appointment for the following week to check on Cole’s response to the adjustment. Well, Cole not only responded beautifully to his adjustment, he scared his new parents with all the sleeping that they had to wake him up after four hours just to check on their tiny newborn. Over that weekend, Cole was sleeping longer, eating more, and crying less.

“We will always bring Cole for chiropractic care with Dr. Kimberly.” says the once skeptical father, Marshall.

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Welcome to our Chiropractic Blog

This blog is a wonderful opportunity for us to educate, motivate, and inspire. It is meant for children of all ages, big and small.

In the posts that follow, we hope to address many questions that have gone unanswered  and subjects that have yet to be thought about.  This site will not only discuss the many benefits of chiropractic, but will include healthy choices that we can make for our families and the generations to come.

With no further ado, we have added a preview to show what a child’s visit is like in our office. On behalf of our staff here at Stones River Chiropractic, WELCOME!